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Machine Capabilities

Redmayne Engineering through partnership and growth have established a diverse range of capabilities to support our customer needs, as a result we can support many programs from initial design concepts through to project design, cad cam, machining, assembly, inspection and treatments.

This in turn gives the customer a competitive priced product with exceptional quality and quality controls. We also have a well managed and capable supply chain at our disposal for anything outside our scope.

CNC Machining

Redmayne’s CNC technology includes, 2, 3 and 4 axis with the added benefit of live axis tooling and pallet changing capability, current CNC machine count is 32. We can cope with small or large volume batch work and sustain a maintenance schedule to ensure a “Right First Time Every Time” approach. Our offline programming department maintains the latest software updates to cope with our customer needs of digital product and “Model” design strategy rather than drawings. For our cad cam needs we currently run Catia V5 R20, Vero Solids V19, PEPS V6.1 and Kubotek validation tool V10.

Milling and Turning Hampshire

We have a range of conventional machines being run by fully skilled operators, these machines specialise in small batches, completion of parts coming from the CNC cells which require complex holes or small tapping and aid in the assembly process of the many sub-assemblies we put through the business.

Grinding Services Hampshire

Over many years Redmayne Engineering Hampshire have specialised in complex Shafts, Rods and Pistons for the aerospace industry, many being Chrome plated, Carbide coated, Carburised or Nitrided. As a result we have the correct technology to produce tight tolerance products with a zero reject culture. Currently we have 6 machines including CNC with a capability of cylindrical, surface and centreless grinding. We also have our own cutter grinding department.

Honing Services

Plant includes two horizontal speed hones (Capacity ranging from 2mm to 64mm diameter) and two vertical machines (one having a numerical control, capacity 25mm to 762mm diameter with a maximum length of 864mm). Redmayne Honing Services Hampshire.

Gundrilling Services

We have three high pressure Deep Hole Drilling machines capable of producing tight tolerance holes with an excellent finish. Capacity ranges from 1.5mm to 32mm diameter with a maximum depth of 915mm. Contact Redmayne Engineering – for Gundrilling Services Hampshire.

Thread Rolling

Through our range of “Vital” and “Flight Safety Part” portfolio we manufacture critical thread rolled parts for the aerospace industry, we can metallurgical examine and pass samples and have invested recently in a new 50 tonne machine. Capacity ranges from 3mm to 120mm diameter threads with an infinite length.


One linear pull broaching machine with a maximum pull length of 930mm.

Pressure Testing

At our Romsey facility we have a fully functional hydraulic test rig capable of delivering 30 litres per minute at pressures up to 250 bar under a temperature controlled environment. We specialize in testing complex manifolds, spools and sleeves and valves for the aerospace and marine industries. We also have the capability to air test.

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